Hetong is a non-governmental organization initiated by the people, donated by the people and operated by the people that founded in Tianjin on April 20,1995. According to the relevant provisions of the current laws and regulations of non-governmental organizations in China, its system is independent and does not enjoy any fixed financial allocation or subsidies. It adheres to the principles of folk, organizational, autonomous, voluntary, public welfare, non-profit and non-religious, and is a typical Non-profit organizations as a legal person(NGO-NPO). 25 years later, today the trinity of Hetong Welfare Association for the Elderly, Hetong Social Services Series and Hetong Public Welfare Foundation for the Elderly are together to build the elderly service of Chinese social organizations Hetong brand.
  Hetong is the typical non-governmental and nonprofit organization. Council of senior leaders, elders, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, practitioners and interested members of the Hetong council. It has a public welfare mission to serve the elderly, a non-profit organizational structure, and a management system that does not benefit anyone. Over the past 25 years, the degree of social recognition and trust (credibility), the effectiveness of the resources used and the degree of accountability (accountability) of the satisfaction of social expectations or needs have been high, and its dependence on social donations and the tax-free status of "social instruments" has ensured its sustainable development.
  As a third sector of Hetong, "private non-private" is its essential feature, its ownership does not belong to any individual. The non-recurring sources of income are mainly from the government-subsidization and the society-donation. The way of user payment, the expense taken by the difference is only a means to reach the mission of social service and the goal of the organization, instead of having a partiality for something or seeking the biggest profits. It works for the interest of the public not for the individual. The profits have to be used to help the development of the organization rather than the individual. It does not lie in the amount of profit generated, but in the degree of social value created.
  Over the years, Hetong has always pursued and carried forward the spirit of volunteers, service development or activity participation are based on volunteerism. The members of the council are mostly not paid in Hetong, not only without pay, but responsibility of the directors is to "solicit". It means through the personality charm of the director and its social impact, social donor resources flow into Hetong. Hetong adheres to the principle that non-profit organizations must disclose information, entrusts third-party accounting firms with financial management, invites people from the community to become compulsory treasurers, and adheres to the annual financial audit disclosure.
  Through 25 years of hard work, Hetong has set up a group of pension services with annual income exceeding 50 million yuan. It is involved in seven fields, such as institutions care, health care, home care, elderly catering, cleaning and housekeeping, nursing education and supplies for the elderly. Around the elderly service industry upstream and downstream products, in the service industry chain to do enough articles. It always puts social benefits in the first place, insists on spending and collecting, insists on not measuring success or failure by creating income, insists on focusing on service and product innovation, and makes the elderly service stronger.
  Through the extensive mobilization of all sectors of society and the mobilization of various social resources, the Hetong Public Welfare Foundation for the elderly has established another legal person organization on the basis of the He Tong Development Fund, which can resist certain risks. Hetong has a set of social recruitment, financial publicity and other transparent operation system, its approach to attract entrepreneurs through donation to enhance corporate influence. It has formed a virtuous circle. “Hetong One Yuan Donation”, ”Hetong Donation in winter”and so on have already formed the brand effect of the special donation activities in Hetong.
  Hetong elderly Welfare Association has 45 registered member units, more than 3000 members.