Tianjin Yan'an Hospital
  Tianjin Yan'an Hospital belongs to Hetong elderly Welfare Association, formerly Jiangjing Hospital affiliated to Tianjin Medical University General Hospital. In 1998, it moved to the intersection of Nanniwan Road and Yan'an Road in Nankai District and changed its name to Yan'an Hospital. In April 2008, due to the planning and construction of hardware city, and moved to the current site Huayuan Yashi Road.
  Chinese medicine, geriatrics, hospice care, rehabilitation medicine and other departments, the inpatient department has 99 beds. In 2001, Tianjin began to implement the medical insurance designated service mechanism, Yan'an Hospital was approved as one of the first medical insurance designated medical institutions in the city, in September 2016, was identified as a national medical care combined pilot unit.
  Yan'an Hospital has been adhering to the concept and purpose of "public welfare charity non-profit" and "private non-private" for the founder team of Hetong for 24 years. In line with the "urban elderly Hetong model" created by Yuetan Street in Xicheng, Beijing and the "rural old-age Hetong model" created by the northeast town government of Mianzhu, Sichuan, Nankai District, Tianjin has created the "combination of medical care and support with Hetong model"(three Hetong models).

  Address: No.45 Yashi Road, Huayuan District, Nankai District, Tianjin
  Tel: 022-23717219