Retrofit of Hetong's Nursing Vocational Training School(1998-2020)
  Under the leadership of Professor Fang Jiake, the first principal, Hetong Education has gone through 22 years. Hetong Education has now developed into a large education group which integrates vocational education (Hetong Nursing Vocational training School), academic education (Tianjin Medical College) and continuing education (British Shield Hetong & lt; Tianjin & gt; Education Consulting Co., Ltd.
  In 2020, Hetong education re-installed, in addition to the original elderly care workers vocational education, the addition of medical care workers, cleaning staff, domestic workers and other first-line vocational training, as well as nursing director, dean, trainer and other management positions enabling training. Teaching form is also in the original offline teaching, on the basis of the door-to-door, the addition of online training, so that we can more convenient, more efficient learning!

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