Hetong imported geriatric products store can provide imported geriatric products experience, rental, sale and maintenance and other four S of services, through the display of goods to enable the elderly to have a better concept of health care, through the experience of accessories to give the elderly more sense of acquisition and happiness, through maintenance, repair to make the elderly shopping more secure.
  Hetong imported elderly products store, located in No.45 Yashi Road, Huayuan Nankai District, Tianjin (The first floor of Tianjin Yan'an Hospital), can provide elderly products experience, rental, sales and home adaptation evaluation services. Such as Germany original automatic nursing bed, Germany automatic vertical bathtub, movable toilet, free lying wheelchair and other products, according to the different needs of users, tailor-made, so as to solve some elderly "match and discomfort" problem.
  Customers can call the service hotline 13920068805, consulting experience, leasing, purchase related pension service supplies.